It began as a playground for sharing ideas


Where it all began and at what point Jip Jip was shaped, is a difficult task to pinpoint – guess it all came along, with the three of us sharing an office space after studying and freelancing together. The shared love of developing ideas and concepts, creating stories and getting people involved, made us come together for intense brainstorms and started the foundation for what ended up being Jip Jip as it is today.

So what began as a playground where we could share ideas – ended up being our livelihood. Pretty neat, when you think about it!

Through the years we have had our fair share of clients, both businesses and agencies, and have developed everything from visual identities, websites and graphic design to a rub on tattoo and an emotional short film. Always having the feeling that nothing was too small or too big for us to handle. Be a hairdresser or a worldwide enterprise – we are ready for you!

From day one we have strived to progress and develop our view and how we approach our work. Where we started with more or less the same background and qualifications, we have chosen our different paths and grown within different creative areas – in some ways this is our strongest quality when we come together as a team.

The team

Kasper Schjønning

Founding partner | +45 30703934 |

Orla Hjort

Founding partner | +45 61303832 |

Dennis Johansen

Founding partner | +45 26224752 |

These are some of the lovely clients we’ve been lucky to work with