We sure could call ourselves a full service agency – but we do specialize in different areas.

Concept Development

Developing ideas through creative brainstorms, hard analysis and with the latest technology we strive to come up with breathtaking concepts for your new product or next campaign execution.

Concept Development for Care Denmark

We cry over spilled milk


Wether it be websites, shops or mobile apps, we love to conceptualize, design and develop top notch user experiences with a crisp interface. Working on all platforms to find the best suited media to get the message through.

Webshop for Rapido Travel

Winner of the race 


In todays fast digital consumption, video has become the strongest player of all to get your message through. Since we were kids, we have been telling stories and making up universes and luckily we can now turn this into live-action or motion graphics.

Video – HÅB short film

A story through the lens

Graphic design

Colors, fonts, images and crazy illustrations mixed into whatever you need. Both on- and offline we can make your brand and visual identity shine. Hang it in a frame, put it in a magazine or make it dance in a video.

Motion Graphic Video for Churchdesk

Video sent from above