Danish farmers helping colleagues in Africa

Care Denmark – The spilled milk Campaign

Wasting milk

We all know the saying “don’t cry about spilled milk”, well Care Denmark say we should! All the extra milk produced in the EU is made into milk-powder, sold at a much cheaper price than local fresh milk in some African countries. Which is no good for the local milk-farmers.

Campaign site

To visualize two different sides of problems regarding milk production, we chose to split the website in two by a stream of milk. Each side tells the pros and cons of the production methods and point out the difference between the two parts.

Let the milk lead the way

The differences between Danish and African milkfarmers is pointed out … in milk

Explainer Video

To explain this very complex situation, we made a motion graphic video. The whole process from milk to powder, the transport and the devastating effects.

Our role

Concept Development, Campaign Website, Motion Graphic Video