Wildcrafted and natural graphics

Herbal Salvation

A handmade brand

Ria is a powerball of life, excitement and happiness rolled up in one, with a dash of herbs on top! When we began exploring the identity for Herbal Salvation, we knew we had to convey the person behind the brand as vividly as possible!

A Personal Touch

Normally Ria wears a ring symbolizing the sun and moon, this was the subject for us to create her brand identity. The added tree represent the natural ingredients used in the Herbal Salvation products.

Webshop gone easy

As both logo, labels and video has such a strong presence of the identity, the website is made as simple as possible to be able to have a strong focus on the products themselves.

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Living Proof

By documenting Ria on her way through the wilderness to collect the ingredients for her creams, we were able to show all the time and love that Herbal Salvations puts in every single product.

Our role:

Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Photography and Video Production