Democratic Design Days

IKEA of Sweden

Every year IKEA throw bloggers, designers and interior magazines from all over the world a big event, both to showcase their new designs but also to talk about the future of home and furniture – It’s called Democratic Design Days.

Content for

We went to the IKEA Headquarter in Älmhult, Sweden to develop online content in form of video and pictures, for the blog Focus was on two big events; a two day workshop with IDEO London and IKEA’s Democratic Design Days, where 350 journalists from all over the wold, was presented to IKEAs new collections and collaborations with different designers.

The experience of What Makes A Home

In collaboration with Nikextension, we visualized a trendreport at a 1500 sqm. exhibition at the IKEA HQ in Älmhult Sweden.

Together with a big team of collaborators we made the report “What Makes A Home” come to live. Our role was to produce all the graphics for walls, pedestals, x-boards, posters, the big “people tree”, quotes etc.

Overall plan of the 1500 sqm

Behind the scenes

Developing the official poster

3D render of pedestal placed in the environment

IKEA Festival at Milano Design Week 2017

Our close friends from Nikextension was given the task to create the concept, curation, architectural plan, build-up and the production. We helped them out with the visual part of the videos displayed thoughout the exhibition.

One of the 4 video “posters” for the festival

Behind the scenes for Nikextension

Our role

Concept Development, Graphic Design, Photography, Videos