An everyday tool for teachers wrapped in an app.

Leg Og Læring (LOL-APP)

Together with two teachers and a development crew, we designed an app with a focus on using sports and games to improve children’s well-being, learning and education at school.

“We will create a platform where ideas and experiences are shared across professional groups. Play and Learn can gather the knowledge and the many good ideas that exist throughout the country, and use these to create a new and exciting school day for students and teachers. By allowing users to influence the content of the app, we will always be able to create quality assured to support professional education. “

When developing the idea and design, we wanted to make the app approachable for both kids and adults. It should be easy to understand, accessable in a few clicks and made for sharing information.

The users now count Denmark, but the Nordic countries, Europe and the US is in the pipeline.


Principal of a school in Denmark gives her review and insight into why the app is a good tool in the everyday teaching.

We produced the video.

Our role

Concept Development, Videos, UI/UX and Graphic Design